Taman VanScoy (1979 - )

Born March 26, 1979 in Santa Barbara California, and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, the imagery surrounding Taman as a child consisted primarily of cityscapes with the occasional glimpse of a sun-drenched desert climate. Being instinctively drawn to nature yet lacking the visual stimulation of wide-open colorful landscapes, he unconsciously began to idealize landscape compositions and color combinations in his mind. In essence he would create an imaginary and almost dreamlike scene which to this day continues to be the first step when creating his paintings.

Taman attended a Waldorf school from kindergarten through high school graduation where he studied in an environment that focuses on a child being a unique individual encouraged to explore his or her own creative potential. He then attended two different junior colleges until deciding to focus completely on art and obtain a Bachelors in Art from California State University Long Beach. 

Taman started his professional art career at the end of 2002 when he entered his first art show.  The feedback was so overwhelming he decided that he could support himself with his art. Now in his 21st year on the art show circuit, Taman has won multiple awards and continues to sell his paintings directly to the public.